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      » List of instruments in alphabetical order

    Over 1000 instruments are listed in alphabetical order by their acronym or abbreviated name.

      » Access to the generic instruments

    List of instruments used in general populations to assess a wide range of domains applicable to a variety of health states, conditions

      » Access to the disease-specific instruments by pathology/disease

    For each pathology, instruments are sorted either as generic instruments of the pathology or by specific disease.

      » Access to the instruments by targeted population

    Instruments listed by type of population they address (e.g. Adolescents, Female, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, etc.)

      » Access to the instruments by author's name

    Authors sorted by alphabetical order with the list of instrument(s) they developed.

      » Search engine

    Helps you search for instruments according to a specific criterion or by cross-referencing different criteria.