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    Access to the disease-specific instruments by pathology/disease

    The term "pathology" refers to a large therapeutic area and can cover several diseases. On the other hand, the term "disease" refers to a specific, precisely defined condition

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    » Cardiovascular diseases » Neurology » Sexuality
    » Dermatology » Nutritional and metabolic diseases » Signs and symptoms
    » Eye diseases » Oral health » Surgical Procedures, Operative
    » Gastroenterologic/hepatic/pancreatic diseases » Otorhinolaryngologic diseases » Urology
    » Gynecology » Psychiatry/psychology » Virus diseases
    » Hemic and lymphatic diseases » Respiratory/lung diseases

    Nutritional and metabolic diseases
    (A collective term for nutritional disorders (result of poor assimilation or utilization of food) and metabolic disorders (result of poor metabolism or inherited enzyme abnormality))