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    ProQolid currently offers detailed information on more than 620 PRO instruments. And the list is growing by 50 instruments at least each year.

    This innovative database now has more than 100 yearly subscribers – most of which are international pharmaceutical companies. Plus our website (www.proqolid.org) gets hundreds of "hits" each day from non-subscribers around the world seeking PRO information.

    We believe by adding your instrument to the ProQolid database you will expose it to a large, targeted audience.

    Here's your opportunity to include one or more of your instruments into ProQolid.

    Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

        To be eligible, an instrument must be the subject of a publication that describes its development and/or validation.
        There is no charge to authors who wish to include their instruments in ProQolid nor are authors paid for their participation in this program.