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    Instrument Submission Form

    If you wish to submit your instrument for inclusion in the ProQolid database, please fill in the following form:

    Contact information

    Instrument's information

    Author's name*:   Full name of the instrument*:  
    Contact's name*:
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      Abbreviated name*:  
    Mailing address*:   Original bibliographic reference(s)*:  
    Country*:   Comments:  
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    After we receive your submission form, we will follow this simple process:
    • If your instrument is eligible and relevant, the information on your instrument will be gathered from the literature by our Information Resources Centre.
    • You will be asked to confirm and, if necessary, complete the information we collect. We would then ask you to send the documents you wish to share with potential users (e.g., the instrument, translations, user manual, etc.).*
    • Once we receive your corrections and various documents, the information on your instrument will be posted on the PROQOLID database.
    • You will be asked once a year to provide us with updated information about your instrument; any new information will then be added to our online database.
    *NOTE: We strongly encourage you to let us present a review copy of your instrument. It is not compulsory, of course. If you prefer, we will only offer the descriptive information you provide.

    The information which concerns you is intended for Mapi Research Trust and its affiliates. It helps us to get to know you better and will be used to keep you informed of our products and services.
    If you object, please tick this box
    You have the right to access,modify, rectify and delete any data that concern you (art. 34 - Law "Informatique et Libert├ęs" of January 6, 1978 - Data Protection). To exercise this right, contact Mapi Research Trust, 27 rue de la Villette, 69003 Lyon, France.